Trauma informed schools.

Daniel Hayes is principal of a specialist behaviour setting supporting students with patterns of school difficulties and disengagement. He has over 20 years experience working with disadvantaged students in regular and specialist settings. Working alongside his close colleague – Terry Taylor, he has spent much of this time attempting to decipher and make relevant the ways in which children who have experienced abuse and neglect can be effectively supported in all school settings.

Daniel is a NSW Premier’s Scholarship recipient visiting schools in the United Stated specialising in responding appropriately to children in crisis.  He has more recently embarked on a learning journey around understanding the impacts of trauma including completing a Masters Degree specialising in Behaviour. He has recently focused on leading a team in transforming their practices and evolve into a trauma sensitive school.

Daniel’s workshop will share this information and offer an opportunity to consider the individual responses schools require to meet the learning and support needs of children and young persons who have had trauma impact their lives. Participants will learn key concepts, conceptual frameworks, specific strategies and share access to a range of online trauma informed learning resources available to Australian schools.