John Joseph

From humble beginning as an early school-leaver and tradesman, Mr John Joseph now holds one of the most impressive education CVs in the education world.  John has presented education workshops and keynotes in 32 countries. He is the author of multiple books, including How to create classrooms that are uplifting for the spirit, and Brainy Parents – Brainy Kids. He developed education-for-employment systems that are translated into Mandarin, Thai, Arabic, Finnish and Mongolian. His on-line Young Thinkers’ Program is being used to implement critical and creative thinking programs globally.

Mr Joseph has taught at all school grade levels from kindergarten to senior high school and has taught extensively in education programs at 3 Australian universities. He holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Science Education. John has a real passion for neuro-education. His focus is on learning: how it happens; how to maximise it; how to inspire it in students; and practical strategies to enhance it. John is a parent of two young adults.

Countries where John Joseph has facilitated Workshop, Keynote and Professional Presentations (32)

Australia, Malaysia, Tonga, New Zealand, China, Japan, Borneo, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Wales, England, Romania, USA, South Africa, Kenya, India, Tibet, UAE, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Mongolia