Day One: Thursday 18th May 2017



Conference Dinner

Day Two: Friday 19th May 2017





About ConnectED

The ConnectED Conference is a unique principal-led learning opportunity for P-12 Public School Principals in the NSW Public Education System.

This event attracts public school principals from across NSW and is organised, with the vision: Professional Leadership Learning by Principals, for Principals.

ConnectED has attracted such luminaries and speakers as Sir Ken Robinson, Professor Douglas Willms, Turia Pitt and Dr Ric Charlesworth.


Glowing feedback about ConnectED includes:

This conference came along at a time when my aims and goals were clouded by stress, anxiety and a lack of motivation.

ConnectED lifted me, re-directed me and inspired me.

I know now that on Monday, I will walk in to school a better leader, than what I was when I walked out last Wednesday.