Lila was Principal at Merrylands High School for 15 years until 2016, she was the Deputy President of the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council (SPC) for eight years, and was SPC Executive Member for 15 years, including the President of the NSW SPC (for four years). Merrylands High School has been recognised at a regional, state, national and international level for numerous successful and innovative programs including; leadership, values, professional learning, quality teaching, social harmony, technology rich teaching and learning and community participation.

She has involved herself locally as the Regional and Zone Principal sport representative. Prior to her principalship and during her 34 year career to date, Lila has always availed herself for additional commitments in a voluntary capacity consistently throughout her professional career and most recently working in a full-time voluntary position alongside her current principal role.

During her 12 years as a classroom teacher and Head Teacher (of four curriculum areas) in exceptionally challenging school environments, Lila was a founding member of initially a regional professional curriculum association network that subsequently developed into a state wide system. During this time, a decade, she had several roles such as; being one of the co-ordinators presenting at every professional forum including annual conferences, publication, publicity and media officer and conference convener.

The faculty she led had students consistently achieve at state, national and international level including travelling exhibitions in Europe and work exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum as an example leading to one of the few NSW schools recognised by Excellence in Visual Arts.

As a Deputy Principal in two schools, Lila oversaw a number of successful and acclaimed programs and was an active member of the NSW Deputy Principal Association again delivering professional learning programs and convening professional learning forums.

As an SPC Executive and Senior Executive, Lila is/or has been responsible at a State level for staffing, Student Services, Welfare and Equity, Leadership, aspects of Role of the Principal, Sustaining Quality Schools and Principal Authority and Autonomy projects, Professional Learning (increasing participation from an average of 45 to 180 per event) and State Assembly Programs. Lila has assisted in the development of an executive coaching program, Mentor/Coaching, Technology, Corporate Communication as exampled by The School Website Service (attaining international awards and recognition), LMBR, procurement and assets, Finance, Infrastructure, sport, convenor of a State annual conference and numerous Regional Conferences, corporate services, publicity, media, marketing and the advancing of Public Education and emergent issues.

Further, Lila is also an SPC representative trained in Covey; a trainer and presenter in Coaching (and a program author); author of numerous Educational Journal articles (for ACEL and Principal Matters over the last 20 years), state reports quarterly and Book Reviews; State Editorial Committee member of a National Principal Journal and SPC Learning Communities coordinator.

Lila chaired the NSW Digital Education Revolution Taskforce (the foremost 1:1 laptop program in the world). She was the secondary representative for proof of concept for the original LMBR and earlier the Department Visiting Industry Program model as an education officer in industry. She has been recognised as one of the Sydney Morning Herald’s 100 most influential people. She has lectured at several Sydney universities (two years at Western Sydney as a subject lecturer) and as a guest or program lecturer and continues to this day lecturing involving her school students (University of Sydney, UTS and NSW University). She is on five university advisory boards and/or projects. She has her Master’s in Education, undertook a Masters in Human Resources and presents at NSW Teachers’ Union conferences. She has been awarded a NSW and National ACEL Fellowship.

Lila has represented and presented on behalf of SPC and The Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (ASPA) across rural and Metropolitan NSW, in all Australian States and Territories (including ASPA Conferences, numerous national ACEL and ACE conferences, Microsoft, SPC Annual Conferences and State and regional SPC professional Learning Programs, ADOBE and K-12 Technology Congress), New Zealand, China (several times), Singapore, the United Kingdom and Canada at The International Confederation of Principals (for the last three conferences) most recently Helsiniki. Lila is also a state Board member of The Australian College of Educational Leaders (ACEL). As convenor of The NSW ACEL Fellowship and Leadership Awards Committee, Lila reviewed the process encompassing rigorous and relevant process, Lila was a member of the National Awards committee.

Lila has been awarded an ACEL National Fellowship and acknowledged through the NSW Meritorious Service to Public Education Award along with Justice Michael Kirby and Richard Gill in 2012. In 2013/14 Lila was included in the International Who’s Who Register. In 2013 she also initiated a very successful and collaborative Education Alliance with membership from every principal, parent and union representation in NSW to advocate and combat education cuts in NSW.

In 2014, Lila assumed a regional president role of ACE Sutherland/St George area. Early in 2015 Lila was highly commended for her work with Bridges to Higher Education as a Woman of the West leader (International Woman’s Day). She has recently been awarded the prestigious NSW ACEL Patrick Duignan and the PAI John Laing awards. Lila was also nominated for 2015 Australian of the Year. In 2016 she was awarded the Sir Harold Wyndham Award NSW.

Lila was awarded NSWSPC Life Membership in 2016 and Teachers Federations’ Association Life Membership 2017. Lila is currently the Director, Secondary Education, Learning and Teaching Directorate, Department of Education during which she undertook the relieving duties as the Executive Director, Leadership and High Performance.

Lila Mularczyk, JP

B.Ed. MAE,

Previous Principal, Merrylands High School

Immediate Past President, NSW Secondary Principals’ Council


ACE President (Sutherland/St George)

ACEL NSW Board Member

Director, Secondary Education

NSW Department of Education